Should You Upgrade to Amazon Business? Expert Answer

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Amazon business is different from the regular Amazon. It has some amazing benefits that cater specifically to the needs of your business. “Should I upgrade to Amazon Business†is the most asked question these days regarding Amazon. In the next four minutes, you will understand why you should open an Amazon business account today. Plus, it is free to open an Amazon business account but if you want the special perks of Amazon business prime, you will need to pay. (Kind of like the difference between Amazon and Amazon Prime).

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How does Amazon Business work?

Amazon business is mainly for businesses regardless of the size and type. It is not restricted to only one person, so if your business has more than one person, you can create sub-accounts for them using the premium version called Amazon Business Prime. As a main administrator of the account, can manage the shipping addresses, mode of reporting, payment options, workflows and more based on the nature of your business. You are in control.

3 Things you will get when you have an Amazon business account:

1. Free shipping options

There are various free shipping options with this Amazon Business. As a user of this account, you can order your goods and receive it the same day via Free same-day delivery option. There is also a free-one day service where you receive your orders the next day. If you have heavy orders that need to be delivered, consolidated shipping has you covered. If you won’t be available at your shipping address but you want to order your items and manage delivery options, you can pick a day that you will be available for the delivery via Amazon Day services.

Note: All these shipping services are free.

2. Payment options

This service depends on the management of the account. If you are the only one using the account, you can have individual payment options. If the account is being used by two or more users, you can add shared payment options where you can divide the payment of your orders between yourselves. An authorized employee of your business can purchase items on Amazon through any payment option. These payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, and the Amazon corporate credit line. With the Amazon corporate credit line, the main administrator can authorize multiple buyers and pay by purchase order on a single account. So, you don’t run out of payment methods when you place your orders.

3. Discounts

With your business account, you have access to millions of items at discount prices. You have access to exclusive discounted offers on multi-unit purchases. You can also check prices from different sellers and decide to order from whosoever you want.

There are still many mind-blowing features you can access when you have an Amazon business account. These include having top priority on COVID-19 supplies listed on Amazon. This feature is mainly for businesses in the health sector.

Many top CEOs and customers have been sending in their reviews. A small business owner in the continental US says that she loves that her calls to the support team are always transferred and handled in the US. If you want to jump on these and more massive benefits from Amazon, you can open an Amazon business account here and enjoy more free deals.

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