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My Number One Secret to Success

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Since this blog series is all about blog growth through social media I'm branching out more today in to blog growth and not just social media. I think if you really want to grow your blog and business you have to think about other things as well.

This topic for today applies to social media, in blogging and in business. I think it's something that we need to talk about more and really understand if we are going to be serious about blogging and social media.

That is that you need to focus on what works for you. It can be very tempting in the age of social media and blogging to be able to see all the things that other bloggers and entrepreneurs are doing and are successful at. It doesn't always mean that these things will work for you or that their path to success should be your path.

I have had to let some things go in my journey of blogging. There have been things I've tried that just didn't work for me so I quit them. Don't view quitting as a negative thing when it comes to doing what is right for your blog or business.

You only have so many hours in a day or week so why spend them doing things that don't work. This is why I have always said on my blog to find one or two social platforms to focus on and do those well before you add in more. Then stop what doesn't work for you and spend your time on what does. That's what I've done with Periscope. I love watching and commenting on other people's scopes. It's a great learning resource and I love it.

For me now though I don't enjoy actually scoping. I tried for awhile and did a few scopes but it didn't work for me. I see the value in doing them so at some point I might give it a try again but for now it's not something I want to invest my time or effort in. I still enjoy the platform and am active as a watcher but in order to make best use of my time I don't create videos.

There will be many things you'll probably try as a blogger that just wont fit you at the time and you'll move on to other things. That is ok, you have to do what works for you. Who knows maybe down the road you will try it again and it will work for you then.

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