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The Second New Year for Your Business and Goals

Second New Year

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I love the feeling that comes with the new year. There is something fun and special about the first of the year. It seems to make you set goals and start working towards new things. I always work harder when I have new goals in mind and the new year is a fresh start. As the name of my blog tells you I am a fan of fresh starts. I don't think that this feeling should be saved for just the first of January. Although that is a good time for it. One time of year is just not enough. I say though that September a fresh start for your blog because you can reevaluate and plan out the rest of your year for success. Get yourself set up to end the year with a bang.

The reason that September works best is that it's back to school and the end of summer. Even though I'm not in school it's amazing how much the school year affects my blog and business. The summer is fun and I do manage to work a lot during the summer. Having my daughter home in the summer tends to make me less productive. I'm sure if you have kids home in the summer you know it's not your best work time. You're busy being a mom and out doing things more to make a memorable summer.

The lack of routine and schedule though make me less productive. So a new school year means a new schedule and more routine. It gives me more set hours to work when Bella is at school, then I do the mom stuff like homework, shower, dinner then bedtime. Then I get a couple hours in the evening to work or watch Netflix depending on how tired I am and how much is still on my to-do list.

If I compare how my blog and business are doing now versus how they were in the beginning of the year I can see that I experienced a lot of growth over the last 8 months which I really am pleased with. I think it's a good idea to use the momentum of a new school year and a change in our routine to reevaluate my business and make some changes so that the next 5 months are even better and I can end this year and start next year off on the right page.

So to make the most out of that fresh start feeling that September brings.  I have to come up with a plan. That's one thing I really discovered this year so far. How much better I do with creating monthly goals and then giving myself lots of to-do lists. In the past, I have always just thought I should do things and then forgotten to actually do them way too often. So creating these monthly goals and to-do list has really kept me on track. I haven't ever really created a business plan, though.

Creating a plan for the growth of your blog and business

So it was time for me to figure out a business plan since I hadn't made one before I wasn't really sure where to start. So I did some research and found this great post over on Wonderlass on How to write a Business Plan.

I'm still working on my plan. I have one that I'm working through in a Google Document. This way I can really plan out what I want to do with my business over the next few months and how I'm going to do it. Which is both a little overwhelming and very exciting.

I don't think you should just have goals set at the beginning of the year in January. That's too long between goals and I think you won't accomplish as much if you do it that way. If you've read The 12 week Year by Brian Moran.  He covers why yearly goals and resolutions don't work. The 12 week year is a fantastic book especially for those of you who blog or run a business. He breaks down 12 weeks so you can accomplish as much or more in 3 months (12 weeks) as other people do in a whole year. He explains that by only setting goals once a year for the whole year many businesses and people are setting themselves up for not accomplishing as much as they could.

So this year I'm going to start a new year right now and set goals for my business with the hope that at the end of the year I can look back and see all the progress and growth I've made from now to December. I'm actually really excited about working on my business plan. I love the excitement I feel for my blog right now. It really is a fresh start for your blog and a time to get things done. This plan helps me feel more organized and ready for the months ahead.

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