Printables You Can Sell For Extra Bucks

Printables You Can Sell For Extra Bucks

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If I love one thing, It's starting a side hustle and making some money. Are you in the market for a new idea? If so, have you tried selling printable products? There's low overhead, but a lot of creativity is involved. If it sounds like something for you, follow along to learn about printables you can sell for extra bucks.


If you like art, photography is a great way to get into the printable business. You can utilize your photography skills or drawing skills to pay the bills. If you have neat pictures, drawings, or computer art you feel confident others would like, sell them as printables. People who enjoy the photos and drawings you have made, can get them printed out on canvas or paper and hang your masterpieces in their homes.

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When I was looking for printables for my office, the one thing I knew I needed was a calendar. A planner alone or a small calendar board was not going to cut it. Instead, I browsed through Etsy and found a calendar printable that I could print in a large size. I framed it and hung it on my office wall to use as a dry erase calendar. It has tremendously helped me keep my monthly obligations in order and I am sure others will find it useful as well. If large-sized calendars aren't for you, you can create printable planners and small-sized calendars.

Party Products

Party planning is a huge deal where I live. People love a great party with all the fancy fixings. While there is lots of decore and scrumptious foods, there are also a lot of opportunities for a printable business. If you're looking into a printable side-hustle, there are a host of them specific to parties. You can make awesome water labels, invitations, programs, party signs, games, photo props, and so much more.

As you can see, the printable business is not only lucrative but has many avenues for earning. If these ideas don't suit you, check out the posted video for more.

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