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Do you know what will happen tomorrow? You do not know. Since you do not know what will happen tomorrow, why are you fearful of tomorrow?

Your imagination is scaring you. Your imagination comes out with a thousand and one horrible scenarios to frighten you.

You are not fearful of the reality, you are fearful of what your runaway imagination tells you.

Positive thinking can help you to overcome fear of tomorrow.

If you are still holding a job, you are fearful of retrenchment. When you greet your boss in the morning, and your boss looks away, what do you think? Your stupid imagination will tell you that your boss is thinking of retrenching you, that is why he avoids looking at you.

The truth is that your boss is making a cup of coffee, and he has to look away from you, and turns his attention to the coffee.

When your imagination is so lively and so negative, the truth does not matter. All the negative thoughts become real, as you sit in your cubicle, and waste time worrying. This is the time that positive thinking can help you.

Instead of worrying over losing your job, positive thinking will tell to make yourself so valuable that the company cannot afford to let you go. You can take on more work to keep yourself busy, so that you have no time to worry.

You can also prepare for a second job while you are still working full time. Think of what you can do, without the burden of a full time job. Positive thinking can help you to develop your hobbies into money generating business.

Positive thinking will also remind you that the current recession is not as bad as the Great Depression. Even at the height of the Great Depression, life still continued on, and the world population did not decrease significantly due to lack of money.

Positive thinking will remind you that the two world wars, and the Spanish flu killed more people than the Great Depression. In fact, Great Depression did not kill anyone. Some people committed suicide because they did not have the courage to face their mounting debts.

Whenever your lively imagination brings forth all the horrible possibilities, please use the power of positive thinking to counter the negative effects. Instead of worrying about what if, you can start thinking of dealing with your current situation, and make it better.

If your imagination does not want to stop creating horrible what if, you can use the following simplification method:

What will happen tomorrow? Either you live or you die. If you die, end of story, since you cannot hit restart key, and starts all over again.

If you live, continue to the next step.

What will happen if you live tomorrow? Either you keep your job or you do not keep your job. No matter what is the outcome, you have to look at the positive sides.

If you keep your job, you have more money and less time. You have money for savings and paying bills.

If you lose your job, you have more time and less money. You can wake up a bit later, and spend time listening to the birds singing, and the butterflies in the garden.

Whatever happens, life still goes on. There is still beauty in everything you see.

So folks, do control the negative thinking, and let positive thinking takes over your life.

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