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I love planners. I couldn’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on planners (not to mention the time I’ve spent setting them up!) only to find out they don’t check all the boxes. Is getting meal planning, goal setting, budgeting, and monthly and weekly calendar layouts all in one planner too much to ask?

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve finally found the perfect planner – it has all that and more rolled into one pretty package. And I’m here to tell you about it in this Living Well Planner Review.

Living Well Planner Review

Rather than relying on several apps and scraps of paper – Google Calendar to keep track of important dates, Evernote to brainstorm projects and goals, Trello for my to-do list, and don’t forget random sticky notes I had scattered everywhere – I finally have my chaotic life organized in a way that makes sense, and that’s easy to keep track of.

If I can use this planner to stay on top of all the moving pieces in my life as a mom, wife, and as someone who is self-employed full time, I know this planner can work for you, too.

Living Well Planner At-a-Glance

• Monthly and Weekly Planning Pages
• Meal Planning Made Easy
• Heavy-Duty Cover That Will Last
• Gorgeous Design
• Keep Your Budget on Track
• Make a Plan to Achieve Your Goals

What is the Living Well Planner?

You might think this is a silly question. After all, it’s just a planner, right? I don’t want to sound too over the top, but the Living Well Planner is the best planner I’ve ever come across.

And I’ve tried a lot of planners.

Living Well Planner Review

In a nutshell, the Living Well Planner helps you “take back your time, manage your budget, plan your meals, and crush your goals.”

Even though all of that sounds impossible, this Living Well Planner review will prove it can accomplish everything it sets out to do.

Top Features of the Living Well Planner

The gorgeous design is a beautiful mix of colors that I find inspiring. As soon as I opened the sturdy cover, I was in love. From the sturdy cover and colorful layout to the heavy-duty spiral that binds it all together, this is a fantastic planner.

Firm Cover that can Take a Beating

Some planners have flimsy covers that won’t last. Planners are meant to be used! And the Living Well Planner has a well-constructed cover made for your busy life. The gold-tipped corners of the front and back cover ensure it can take a beating and still be beautiful.

General Layout

Most planners organize the features by section. While having meal planning together in one place, a separate section for goal setting, and your calendar pages all together sound good in theory, the sectioned layout doesn’t make sense.

Living Well Planner Review

If you’ve used a planner with sections before, you know how easy you can get frustrated by all the flipping back and forth.

The Living Well Planner organizes everything by month. That means your monthly and weekly calendar, meal planning, goal setting, and budgeting for the month are right next to each other. Since I plan our meals around our schedule (I need something quick and easy to make on busy weeknights!), having everything organized this way is super convenient.

Calendar Pages

You get a two-page spread to view your monthly calendar. The boxes for each day are large enough to write multiple events, appointments, or notes without running out of space.

Running down the far right of the page, you’ll see a separate space to write notes. I use this for random to-do items that need to get done at some point during the month. Below that, there’s a place to jot down important dates to watch out for that month.

Living Well Planner Review

Immediately following the monthly calendar are weekly planning pages. Monday through Thursday is on the left side and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is on the right.

Every day has a schedule that goes from 6 am to 10 pm, a “must do” area to record your top three tasks of the day and a meal planning box.

Plus, having a place to list items on the far right of the page comes in handy when I need to pick up a few things from the store or note the supplies I need to bring to our next Girl Scout meeting.

Living Well Planner Review


I haven’t seen too many planners include a section for budgeting. Not only does the Living Well Planner have a place to set up your budget, but there’s also a special area to write your expenses for the month so you don’t overspend.

Goal Setting

This is where the Living Well Planner really shines: Never have I ever seen a planner go this in-depth to help you accomplish your goals. The Crushing It system walks you through creating goals and helps you put a plan in place to make them a reality.

As a busy wife, mom, and business owner, my goals frequently get pushed to the back burner. Taking care of my daughter, getting dinner on the table every night, keeping up with laundry, school projects, and date nights with my husband (when we can squeeze them in!) usually take priority.

Living Well Planner Review

When this happens, my self-esteem suffers, and I adopt a ‘why try because you won’t do it anyway’ attitude.

But the Living Well Planner has rekindled dreams I thought were long gone. Finally, I am giving myself permission to go after my goals!

Where the Living Well Planner Falls Short (undated)

The only thing I didn’t like about the Living Well Planner the undated format. At the same time, I was thankful this planner didn’t start in January because I ordered it in June!!! I didn’t want to wait six whole months to start using this planner.

Sure, going through the pages and filling in the months and dates was time-consuming, but it wasn’t too bad.

Living Well Planner Review

I poured myself a cup of coffee, dug out my colorful pens, fired up Pandora, and sat at the kitchen table to set up my new planner. I felt peaceful. Of course, my family was still sleeping, so the house was quiet! (And who doesn’t love a quiet house?)

Who Should Use the Living Well Planner?

If you’re tired of barely getting by, you need a way to put some spice back in your life. Instead of running around at the last minute and falling into bed each night exhausted from your day, you’ll finally find some relief with the Living Well Planner.

Because it comes undated, you can jump in and start at any time.

Personally, setting up a new calendar and thinking about goals when the new year rolls around is overwhelming – it puts a lot of pressure on me. And it doesn’t help that I have seasonal depression that makes everything seem hopeless from November to March.

With the sun shining and my head clear, I could spend some time thinking about what I really want out of life. Seeing my year at a glance and having detailed monthly and weekly planning pages, I’m confident I’ll be able to break down my big goals into bite-sized pieces and actually make progress on them this year.

If you haven’t clicked over to check it out yet, take an in-depth look at the Living Well Planner and finally get organized for good. Imagine how great you’ll feel knowing you’re making your dreams a reality instead of letting another year pass you by!

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