Is Amazon Business Worth It?

Is Amazon Business Worth It? – Here’s Our Take

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Do you run an organization or belong to the team of an organization that purchases business items often either in pieces or in bulk? If so, you may be the right person to create a free Amazon Business account.

Creating an Amazon Business account is worth a try. Here is why: Amazon Business offers unique and amazing benefits such as managing multiple users on one business account, free and prompt shipping of elegible business items, integration of purchasing system, the institution of orders, approval of workflows, and many more.

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Other benefits that make Amazon Business worth it are; access to reduction in product prices, price comparisons, exemption from taxes, reduction of risk exposure of the organizations, and improving the global presence and relevance of the registered organizations. Some of these perks are only available to Amazon Business Prime members but you can learn about the differences between Amazon Business vs Business Prime. The efficiency Amazon Business offers the accredited account administrators in the organizations and the quantity discounts and business pricing on appropriate business items enables the organizations to save money and time.

is amazon business worth it

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Amazon Business is free to sign up for but allows you to upgrade to a paid membership subscription known as Amazon Business Prime.

What is Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon Business Prime is a membership program of Amazon designed with compelling procurement procedures for organizations to shop for the essential business items and services they need for daily running of their business. This membership program allows organizations to reorganize their procurement strategies by granting unlimited access to diverse business items and services with special business costs and discounts on the total quantity.

With Amazon Business Prime, registered organizations can add multiple uses to one account; enabling all the employees to shop on Amazon at their convenience. Each of the users would have a limit to the extent to which they can shop based on their level within the organization’s chart or the mode of operations of the organization. Currently, Amazon Business Prime provides support subscriptions for organizations in three countries; Japan, Germany, and the US.

Organizations that register for Amazon Business and subscribes to Amazon Business Prime enjoy diverse benefits offered by the membership program. These benefits include;

Exclusively Discounted Pricing: Subscribers of Amazon Business Prime enjoy special pricing packages and discounted prices. Also, there are Prime Days whereby offers for the day come with massive price reductions. This benefit is enjoyed exclusively by organizations that subscribe to Amazon Business Prime, and not everyone on Amazon.

Analysis of Expenditure Trends: With AWS QuickSight software, organizations can study and analyze the amount spent, the number of business items bought, and the nature of the business items over some time. This helps the organization to track its operating cost and ensure that expenditure is under control. Also, the personnel with the purchasing capacity; knowing fully well that their actions are being tracked, would be careful in ensuring that the orders and purchases made are not to gratify personal gain but are in alignment with organizational objectives.

Administration of Account(s): Amazon Business Prime allows subscribers to manage their accounts by adding, editing, and deleting users on the account. Also, it affords the subscribers a buying procedure guide which allows them to save vendors on the account and subsequently easily select the recurring business items and services that are often ordered and purchased. This ease of doing business is a significant benefit; standing Amazon Business Prime out of the other membership programs.

Payless Express Card: As a bonus for subscribing to Amazon Business Prime, organizations are given free American Express Card for their transactions on Amazon. The card charges no annual administrative fees. The usage of the card ensures seamless payment for business items and services and also help track the flow of payment should there be any dispute.

With no annual fees charged, the cost of operation of the registered organizations is reduced. Hence, the available funds are channeled to achieving the firm goals and objectives.

Extended Payment Time: Subscribers have the advantage of extending the time of payment for the business items and services to 45 and 60 days. These extended terms of invoice payment allow for judicious use of funds to accrue more returns.

Prompt Delivery: With Amazon Business Prime, subscribers enjoy prompt and fast deliveries of the business items and services ordered. Delivery is done the same day or at the most, two days after the order of all appropriate business items is received on Amazon Business Prime. Also, when the organization is making bulk purchases, all the business items ordered together are delivered together to ensure that the processes of the ordering organization are not curtailed to harm the goodwill of the organization.


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