Is An Amazon Business Account Free

Is An Amazon Business Account Free Or Does It Cost Money?

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Amazon Business is the new marketplace on It brings together convenience, expertise, and value creation necessary for the effective functioning of the business world. It has amazing, customer-friendly, and easy-to-use features and benefits specifically made for the business process. It guarantees easy access to millions of business items ranging from IT supplies, books, and stationery, food items, pieces of furniture, and so on.

Customers using Amazon Business Account enjoy immense benefits like getting two days free shipping on millions of appropriate business items bought, having multiple user business accounts, maintaining a seamless approval of workflow, exemption from taxes, and more.

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Is An Amazon Business Account Free?

The fantastic piece of information about the Amazon Business platform is that you can sign up for free! There is no fee required to create Amazon Business Account, despite all the amazing features and advantages it boasts. Though signing up for Amazon Prime comes at a cost. An Amazon Business Account does almost what Amazon Prime does at no cost. What's stopping you? Sign up freely today on Amazon Business and give your organization the lift it deserves.

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Some FAQs about Amazon Business Account

Q. Why should I create Amazon Business Account?

A. As a business, Amazon Business Account gives you access to over 100 million product items with business offers on these product items. What the term ‘business offer means is that it gives you a GST invoice, thereby allowing you to take up tax credit. Also, you would get a business price and quantity discounts on whatever products purchased should you meet up with the predetermined conditions. The easiness of placing orders in your comfort zone, the comfort of having your ordered business items delivered to your doorstep, the opportunity of announcing your business to the world at no extra cost, and such are the reasons why you need to create Amazon Business Account.

Q. How do I register as a user?

A. To register as a user on the Amazon Business Account, please visit on a browser in your device; Smartphone, Tablet, or PC, and register for a new business account. If you had a personal account before, you can likewise convert the existing personal account on to a business account. Once you register successfully and the verification of your business credentials is successful, you would have successfully registered on the Amazon Business Account and you will be able to access it as a business customer and start making purchases.

Q. What specific business details would appear on the GST invoice?

A. When you place an order as a business, the information that would appear on the invoice includes your business name, the GST, and the purchasing order (PO). The PO would appear, provided it was supplied at the time of ordering.

Q. How do I pay on Amazon Business?

A. Payment on Amazon Business can be made through the use of debit/credit card, internet banking, Amazon gift cards, and even payment of cash on delivery (subject to an agreement with the vendor).

Q. Upon registration, can I buy business-appropriate product items immediately?

A. No! you cannot begin the purchase of business-appropriate product items immediately after you register your Amazon Business Account. There is a need for a review of your application and the verification of your business account. This process takes a minimum of 24 hours. Upon successful application review and business account verification, you can begin using the business account for purchases and sales. With Amazon Prime, you can buy items right away!

Q. Are deliveries fast and affordable?

A. The deliveries are fast and available between 2 to 4 business days, 4 to 7 business days, or 5 to14 business days. Also, the charges on delivery are relative to sellers. The delivery charges are shown on the product description and checkout pages. Also, registered sellers show their delivery charges on their Amazon Business profile page.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of orders sent and the value of purchases available on Amazon Business?

A. Currently, there is no limit to the number of orders sent and the value of purchases available on Amazon Business.

Q. Can a registered business account be de-register?

A. Yes, a registered business account can be de-register and also converted back to a normal account. You would need to contact Amazon Business Support to assist with this.

Q. Can I convert a Mobile-Only Account to a business account?

A. Yes, you can convert a Mobile-Only Account to a business account. However, an email address would be required to complete the registration. Once the account verification is complete, you can use either the registered phone number or email address to log in.

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