Selling Photos of Yourself 

How To Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

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Are you beautiful, confident, quirky, or fun? Even if you are not, are you photogenic? Do you love taking photos of yourself and showing them off to your peers? If you are, there may be a side hustle out there for you. Take a chance and learn how to make money selling photos of yourself today.

Open Source Photo Sites

There are several open-source picture sites. The best of them include Pexels, Flicker, and Gettyimages. If you like this idea, you should first make an account with your favorite option. Next, browse popular keywords. Make a note of the ones that have a limited selection of pictures. Then take photos of yourself that are aligned with the underrepresented categories. Many of these images can be downloaded for free, but you can attach your social media handles and ask for donations. If you're looking for pay per use, utilize sites like Shutterstock, where you can earn up to $120 per photo. 

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In this day in age, people are obsessed with taking selfies. Why shouldn't you capitalize off the craze? Several selfie apps will pay you to take selfies of yourself completing certain tasks. Selfies payout up to $1 per photo. If you love a good selfie and this appeals to you, check out sites like Stylinity, Pay Your Selfie, and  ScoopShot.

Personal Website or Blog

If you're looking for more, try to turn professional photos of yourself into a lucrative side hustle. With a professional camera and some great shots, you can start a small photography hustle. Use the images of yourself on your personal blog to showcase your aesthetic and talent. Use your photos to showcase your product offerings and in the contact portion of your blog. Those great photos of yourself could be just what you need to start a great business and earn a lot of extra money.
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