Extra Money by Hauling Garbage

How To Earn Extra Money by Hauling Garbage

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I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to earn a little cash. If I'm not writing or picking up hours to work with my special needs clients, I am looking up side gigs. There are so many to choose from. You can explore your creative side or get a mundane hustle. No matter what the choice, there is a gig out there for everyone. One I recently explored was getting extra money by hauling garbage.

Here is what I found:

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Private Garbage Collector

You do not have to work for a large trash collector to earn money hauling garbage. If you live in a country town like mine, you can become a private garbage collector. Where I live, the main companies only operate within the city limits. For everyone else, you either haul it yourself or find a private collector. You can set competitive rates and use smaller collection trucks to get the job done. Just be sure to follow the local laws and get the proper permits and insurance first.

Concierge Garbage Collector

My friend has a concierge garbage collection service at her apartment. Outside of her door is a bin where she places the trash. On certain days of the week, someone comes to her door to collect the trash in the bin and discards it for her. If this seems easy and interesting to you, contact a nearby apartment complex. See if they have a use for such a service and keep your rates competitive to other similar services in the area.

Small-time Recycling

If  couldn't stomach the smell of garbage, try your hands at recycling. You can get small amounts of money for recycling things like aluminum, plastic, car batteries, and even ink cartridges. If you have a truck or access to one, you can help people haul off bulky furniture for a fee as well.

There are many side-hustles out there, and making extra money by hauling garbage sounds like a good one to me.

Editors note: if you want to look for other side hustles that might not smell so bad, you could always consider getting paid to chat.  Legitimate opportunities in this space usually involve part time gigs in customer service or English as a foreign language.

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