Get Paid To Write: 25 Websites That Pay Up to $100 to Write Article

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Did you that you can get paid to write? Some websites pay you up to $100 to write articles for them.

When I first came across this information for the first time, I was excited. This was finally my chance to write as many articles and make as much money as I could.

However, I am going to be honest with you, getting paid to write articles for some websites is not as easy as many people may lead you to believe.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

First, you have to qualify to even be able to submit an article. Also, Some websites accept writers from specific parts of the world.

For all the websites I will share with you, I provide a link to their submission guidelines. Kindly go through them carefully. Do not waste time writing articles that will be rejected.

After you submit an article, it is not automatically accepted and published. The editors will check if that is the style of writing they accept and if the content is of quality. This, coupled with the fact that many people are submitting their articles waiting to be considered for publication, makes it hard for your article to be recognized.

Ensure you follow all the rules a website gives you and write good content.

If you are not an expert writer, you may consider being trained in article writing. Check out this website, Writers Hub, for article writing training and other writing tools that will enable you to write quality articles.

Without further ado, let us look into these articles that pay to write.

Get Paid To Write For Buzzfeed

This is a multi-niche blog that is always looking for good writers. Your posts can be about pop culture, relationships, love and sex, and business, among others.

The pay varies with the number of views on your article, but on average it pays between $13 and $27 per month.

Read more about writing for Buzzfeed here and learn how you can submit your article.

B. Michelle Pippin

This website pays between $50 to $150 for articles about women in business. You must have a good command of English and be a first-hand experience expert on that particular topic.

Learn more about writing for this website here.


This website pays #0.25 a word for articles about entertainment, style, and Wellness.

For writer's guidelines and pitching directions, read more here.


Cosmopolitan is a multi-niche publication that pays for articles with a personal touch. It is also for photo submission. This is a great website to get published but it is very competitive due to the many submissions.

For every photo that is accepted, you get paid between $15-$25. Kindly note that the photo has to be clear with high definition.

For articles that get published, you get paid between $200-$400.

Read the writers and pitching guidelines here.

Get Paid To Write For Cracked

You do not have to be an experienced writer to write for cracked, you just need to write a good article that is accepted.

This website accepted articles across many topics such the pop culture, politics, and life in general as long it has a decent sense of humor in it.

You get paid $150 for your first featured article and $250 for any other articles accepted after your first.

Read the writer's guidelines here.

The Content Panel

This website links writers with clients. Therefore you can write about anything according to your client's needs.

All you need to do is apply to be a writer for the content panel. You will be required to do an easy test before you get accepted.

The prices for the articles vary depending on the client, niche, and word count.

The content panel pays writers every Monday via PayPal.

Get Paid To Write For Clear Voice

A clear voice is a website that matches writers with clients. As a writer, all you need to do is sign up and create a CV Portfolio for possible clients to hire you.

You get paid what you agree on with your client.

The Christian Science Monitor

This website pays $500 per article about people making positive differences around the world.

So, if you are a charitable person, doing good work out here, you can write about your work in an article and submit it for consideration.

Articles should be approximately 1200 words.

See the writer's guidelines here.

Elite Personnal Fianace.

This website pays $300 for a 1000-3000 words post. It accepts articles about personal finance, business, making money online, loans, credit cards, and more.

Make sure you write a good article, read some articles on their website to understand the style they like most to guide you when writing for them.

Writers Guidelines.

Get Paid To Write For Fatherly

Fatherly accepts parenting advice and funny experiences articles with kids from a dad's point of view.

Their pay varies depending on the topic, quality, and length.

See their writer's guidelines.

Freelance mom

Are you mom? and a writer? Well, this website is for mothers to tell their motherhood stories through writing. It accepts articles of between 900-1500 words.

You get paid $100 per article. in addition, if your post becomes the most shared article of the month, you will get a special bonus of $150.

See the writer's guidelines here.

Payment mode: Paypal

Her View From Home

This website pays up to $100 per article with 600-800 words.

Articles are should be about family, parenting, kids, relationships, faith, and grief.

See the writer's guidelines here.

Healthy Living

This site accepts 1500-word articles about health, anti-aging, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, and recipes.

They pay $150 per article.

See their submission guidelines.

Income Dairy

This website accepts articles from expert writers in SEO, driving traffic, content creation, entrepreneurship, or making money online.

The articles should have at least 1500 words and you will get paid up $200 for every article that is published.

See Writers guideline here.

Get Paid To Write For International Living

International Living is a magazine that accepts articles about global travel, loving, retiring, investing, and real estate.

Your content needs to be original and interesting.

They pay $225 for 900 words articles and $350 for 1600 words articles.

See Writers guidelines here.

Instant Shift

Instant shift accepts articles about design-related topics. The payment varies and it is dependent on the quality of and the volume of the content.

See Writer's guidelines here.

Make a living Writing

Make a living writing pays $75-$150 for guest posts about how you can make money writing.

So if you have some knowledge on how we can make money by doing things such as blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting, and publishing, you can put it in writing and submit that to Make a living writing.

Make sure you read the writer's guidelines here to see if you qualify for consideration.

Get Paid To Write For Listverse

Listverse well-written articles accept well-put-together lists of anything. Your list should be truthful and just morally acceptable.

You get paid $100 for every published article. Each article should have at least 1500 words. The good thing is you do not have to be an expert writer but your English must be equal to that of a native speaker.

Also, this website does not accept articles from all countries in the world. Read their writer's guidelines for more information.

Long Reads

This publication accepts long-form non-fiction stories for their websites. The stories should be between 2,000 and 6,000 words.

You get paid #500 dollars if your submission is accepted and published. Long reads is very competitive, so they advise you to submit your articles to other publications as well. All you have to do is indicate, that you have done so.

Read more of their writer's guidelines here.

List Apart

This website is for webs professional such as designers, developers, architects, strategists, writers, and project managers.

They accept and publish articles of between 600-2500 words depending on the subject's complexity. You just need to ensure that your article is well thought out and all-inclusive.

The website pays $200 per article.

See more writers' guidelines here.


This website accepts articles about feminism, innovation, enterprise, and critiques of policies and systems that drive inequality.

Read more about their guidelines and pay here.

Rank Pay

Ran pay pays $50 per article about social media, SEO, and Content Marketing.

Read their writer's guidelines here.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazines pay $200-$250 per original article about web designers and developers.

See their writer's guidelines.

Site Point

Just like a smashing magazine, Site Point accepts articles about web design and development.

They pay $200 per article.

Read their writer's guidelines.

Vibrant life

This a lifestyle blog that accepts articles about health, exercise, nutrition, self-help, family, spiritual balance, challenges and triumphs, interviews, and profiles among other topics.

Vibrant life pay ranges from $100-$300 for articles with not more than 1000 words.

See Their writer's guidelines.

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