Ways to earn money for using your FitBit

How to Earn Money with your FitBit

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I’ve had my FitBit Alta HR (affiliate link) since Christmas, and it really hasn’t left my arm since then, except to charge once a week or so. I am not a very active person. I have a desk job, and a business (this blog, and my VA business) that keeps me at a computer for most of my free time. Without having this tool to tell me exactly how active I’m being, I would probably only get around 2K steps a day. Sad, but true.  

Fitbit Alta HR

Since getting the FitBit Alta HR I’m regularly getting five thousand plus steps per day. Still not a lot, but I’m making baby steps toward 10K!

To add an extra level of motivation, I’ve found ways that I can actually earn money and prizes for just wearing my FitBit!

Here they are in no particular order. Check them out and see how your everyday steps can make you a little bit of extra cash.

P.S. I spent a lot of time researching this, and there are a number of sites listed out there that have closed down over the past year or have just opened and I don’t feel comfortable recommending them. These types of apps tend to come and go. Do your own research and be cautious about spending money to use any of these apps.  

Walgreens Rewards– The same discount and points program that you use inside of Walgreens stores also has a health and fitness component to it. You can connect it to your fitbit and earn points for your activity. Those points don’t amount to actual cash, but will add up to dollars off on your purchases at Walgreens. If you do any kind of shopping at Walgreens, this signup is worth your time.

Achievement – One of the only places that actually gives you cash for your activity. Sign up now before they close it again, there is a history of waitlisting! Achievement links with just about any wearable and also a ton of different fitness and health apps. Earn points for completing activity via those apps or for surveys and promotions inside the Achievement app. Cash out for $10 once you hit 10,000 points!

Higi -I’ve been a Higi member for a number of years now, although I haven’t really paid attention to it recently. It used to be that you would earn points for your activity that could be redeemed for prizes like discounts on health foods or workout gear. Currently that part of the program isn’t active, but you can still enter into challenges and be entered into sweepstakes. I imagine that they may go back to offering rewards again in the future, so it’s worth it to join in now.

Runister App (for iOS only) pays $0.08 per mile that you run outside. Simple! They do require you to participate in short surveys  prior to logging miles – this is how they make the money to pay out. I haven’t tried this one myself as I’m an Android girl… let me know if you like it!

HealthyWage (while not directly linked to FitBit, this is a fantastic way to bet on yourself and hold yourself accountable. Do you want to boost the likelihood your weight loss journey will be successful? Leading academic research shows that money enhances weight loss success, making dieters significantly more likely to lose weight. HealthyWage uses cash-based challenges designed to help end procrastination, encourage perseverance, and harness the power of your desire to avoid losing your wager. Get started today and make your HealthyWager. (aff)

StepBet App– I really like this one. Bet on yourself and earn money when you reach the goals you set for yourself! The app analyzes your fitbit history and creates manageable goals for you. I mentioned that I get around 5k steps per day – StepBet suggests that I can manage around 7 thousand steps for 4 days of the week and 9 thousand for two days. If I can keep that up for six weeks I get to split the pot of money! Each StepBet is personalized based on YOUR FitBit history. The buy in for this particular game is $40, and if you reach the goals, you will at least get your money back, and probably earn some too. 


Learn How to make money just by wearing your FitBIt or other activity tracker.

I'll keep this post updated as I find new apps that help you earn with your FitBit. Do you have any that I should add? Leave them in the comments! Also, if you're a FitBit user, how many steps per day do you average? 

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