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Many companies have difficulty purchasing products from their existing vendors and need to overcome this to ensure their business runs smoothly. Setting up a free Amazon Business Account is a great solution to this problem. An Amazon Business Account is an enterprise-concentrated account on Amazon specifically meant for business use. It is available for all types of businesses; large organizations that have multiple accounts, sole proprietors with just one account, and more.

To assist large organizations, multiple accounts can be set up for employees to allow them to make purchases for their company via their respective departments. Also, for organizations that have multiple approval levels, having an Amazon Business Account is very helpful as all transactions are approved faster.

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Before making any transaction on Amazon Business, you must register your account by providing some necessary pieces of information about the organization needing the account. Also, personal accounts can be upgraded to business accounts for individuals with small and medium sized enterprises.

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What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is a marketplace designed specifically for businesses, with features and benefits tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Businesses can find and compare prices on millions of products, including office supplies, janitorial/cleaning supplies, lab/scientific supplies, food service products, and more. Amazon Business also offers business-only pricing on select items, quantity discounts, and streamlined checkout with purchase order numbers. In addition, businesses can take advantage of free shipping on orders over $25, Prime shipping benefits, and Prime exclusive pricing. With Amazon Business, businesses can enjoy the convenience and selection of Amazon, with the added benefits tailored to business needs.

How to create an Amazon Business Account for free

  1. In a new tab, open this amazon business page
  2. Click the ‘Create a new account’ button.
  3. Enter your full name, work email, and your preferred password.
  4. Verify your email address by entering the OTP sent
  5. Enter your business information such as your full name, registered business name, business phone number, and so on.

 Here is a complete breakdown of those 5 steps mentioned above. If you get stuck on any of the steps, just click the step # and we will provide an in depth explanation.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Business Membership Page

To create an Amazon Business Account for free, open a new tab using this link. This starts the process of registering for a free Amazon Business Account.

Step 2: Click the ‘Create new account,’ button

Select the ‘Create new account’ button that appears on the page. Please note that you are to select this because you are creating a new account. Should you be upgrading from a personal account to a business account, there is another button; the ‘Convert your account’ button.

Create Amazon Business Account

Step 3: Enter your full name, work email, and your preferred password

On the page, there is a lot of information you will need to fill in. These are the personal details of the person who is planning to create the Amazon Business Account.

  • Input your full name: This is the name of the person creating the Amazon Business Account.
  • Input your email address: The email address could either be a personal one; for the person creating the business account or a corporate one; for the business itself. If the corporate email address exists and is functional, it is best to use that; if not, a personal email would suffice.
  • Enter your preferred password: A password is a private key used to lock and access a platform. In this regard, this password must be at least 6 characters.
  • Re-enter your preferred password: For extra protection, and to ensure you know and mean the previous password entered, you are to re-enter the same.

If the above requested are properly filled, there won’t be any mistake, you can then go ahead to click the ‘next step’ button.

Step 4: Verify your email address by entering the OTP sent

A One-Time Password (OTP) would be sent to the work mail used in registering the Amazon Business Account. This is to verify that you have entry to the work email used and that you intend to open the account.

Once you have received the 6 digit OTP, copy the same and paste it in the space requesting for it in the browser used in creating the Amazon Business Account and continue the process.

Step 5: Enter your business information

As soon as the work email has been verified, you will be led to a new page that requests some pieces of information about the business. If you have any questions about the information details, please look at our explanation for these fields below.

  • Your First and Last Name: Enter the first name of the person creating the Amazon Business. This is the person’s original name; as found and verifiable on the bearer’s credentials (License or work ID). The Last name is the Surname; the name of the bearer’s parents or guardians. Both must be entered as requested to ensure the smooth creation of the business account.
  • The Registered Business Name: This is the name the organization or business is registered with. It must be the name that is known and registered with the government and its agencies.
  • The Business Phone Number: This request is about the registered communication line of the business. This number must be verifiable and can either be a mobile telephone number or a stationed telephone number. The important thing is that the phone number must be owned by the business registering on Amazon. You can request to get notifications on this phone or use two factor authentication for logins.
  • The Street and Number: The Street and Number on the street where the business premises exist as either registered or changed due to a change of location of the business must be supplied.
  • The Suite, unit, building, floor (optional): The suite, unit, building, and floor where the business conducts its business must be given. This is optionall for the creation of the Amazon Business Account.
  • ZIP code: This was Introduced by the United States Postal Service in 1963, the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) Code is a series of numbers used to delineate places for faster mailing services. The Zip Code of the state in which the business exists must be provided.
  • City: The location in which the business operates must be indicated in this section.
  • State: The state where the business operates must be entered as requested in the section.
  • The Business Type: There are two options available for your choice; Sole Proprietor and Others. There is a caveat on the Other Business Type as most businesses in the US register as partnerships, corporations, sole proprietorship and limited liability companies.

Once the above-detailed steps had been populated with the correct pieces of information, the Amazon Business Account would be opened for use for free. However, it is imperative to note that it would take about 24 hours for the Amazon verification of the business by either a phone call or an email. After this verification is successful, the Amazon Business Account would be opened and ready for use.

Having a Business Account on Amazon will allow you to enjoy free two-day freight on millions of appropriate items, a business account with multiple users, access to payment solutions, exemptions from taxes, approval of workflows, committed customer care support, business-oriented procuring analytics and many other benefits. If you want to open an Amazon account, you can learn how to create an amazon account today.

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Advantages of an Amazon Business Account

Also, there are a lot of features and benefits which may make you think about signing up for an Amazon Business Account. Some of these advantages of an Amazon Business Account are;

  1. All the multiple users on the Amazon Business Account can be centrally managed.
  2. It is possible to institute an order-approval process and place a ceiling on spending for the organization and each user.
  3. The credit card of the organization can be made accessible and available to a selected few people in the organization to avoid excessive and unauthorized spending.
  4. Reliable and preferred vendors can be automatically saved in the Amazon Business Account Platform. This assures the ease of locating and transacting with them whenever necessary.
  5. Integration of the organizations’ procurement systems; allowing the clients and customers to have access to the options of the punch-out software.

To summarize, Amazon Business helps its members save money on both buying and selling on Amazon Business. Also, it offers diverse tools to help in easily managing the business. There are so many Amazon Business Account benefits

Downsides of an Amazon Business Account

Despite the numerous advantages and uses of an Amazon Business Account, some downsides to buying and selling with an Amazon Business Account are:

  1. Payment of excessive fees: Using the Amazon Business Account, the organization pays as high as 6% to 15% as fees on most of the products purchased. This means that the margin you recive from selling products is lower than normal. The fees charged and paid are extra outside the regular fulfillment fees charged by Amazon. Although, there are a few exceptions for some items that are not often sold as business products, most of the items sold on the Amazon Business charge a high percentage as fees.
  1. Differentiating between products is extremely hard: As a seller on Amazon Business, an organization cannot easily distinguish itself from other sellers on the platform. The products of the organization are matched with those of other selling counterparts with no means of telling the difference between the products. Also, the organization can’t communicate with the target market and the customers buying the products to tell them why their products are better and should be purchased instead of the competition. Consequently, the buyers on Amazon Business can easily look around and purchase products from the sellers with the lowest prices, and not necessarily the ones with the best products.
  1. The buyers on Amazon Business are customers of Amazon: Because Amazon manages the relationship between the seller and the buyer, and the fact that the seller has limitations to interact with the buyers, the buyers are more of Amazons’ customers than they are your customers. Also, the selling organization does not have the liberty to include marketing materials or packaging inserts in the packaging of the products, it becomes even more tasking for the buyers to properly understand the product brand. Hence, the buyers are more of Amazons’ customers than they are of the sellers.
  1. Hard to set up product data: Effectively uploading the technical information and product data on Amazon Business is tedious. Hence, the organization would have to hire the services of an IT expert company which would increase the cost of the product. Also, because each category of products follows a different set of rules, the way the organization sets up the products it intends to sell on Amazon Business matters; as it generally affects how well the products are seen on Amazon and how well it sells.

These downsides do not in any way take away the worth of an Amazon Business Account. The enormous advantages and benefits of Amazon Business overshadow the downsides and make it worth the trial. Unlike Amazon Prime, Amazon Business Account is free to set up and is therefore recommended for all organizations into buying and selling of product items.

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What Is The Amazon Business Verification Process?

To begin the amazon business verification process, you will first need to create a business account on This is relatively simple, requiring only basic information such as your name and contact details. Once you have created your account, you can then login and navigate to the amazon business verification portal. Here, you will be asked to provide more detailed information about your business, including its name, address, registration details, etc. You will also need to submit documentary evidence proving that your business is legitimate and meets amazon's standards for eligibility. Depending on the type of amazon business account you have, the amazon business verification requirements may vary slightly. Nonetheless, once all the necessary documents have been submitted and amazon has completed its review process, you will receive official confirmation of your amazon business status and be able to start selling/buying products on amazon's platform immediately and enjoy all the benefits.

What Are The Requirements For an Amazon Business Account?

In order to create an Amazon Business account, you will need to provide your business information, including your business name, address, and contact information. You will also be asked to provide your payment information so that you can begin placing orders. Once you have set up your account, you can browse the Amazon Business marketplace and start adding items to your cart. Whether you're looking for office supplies, janitorial products, or anything in between, Amazon Business has the selection and pricing that businesses need.

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To summarize this article, an Amazon Business Account is known to be a multi-faceted buying and selling platform that assists with all of your organization’s business needs. With a free Amazon Business Account, the organization can make it either a single or multi-user business account, ask other users to join, and even define the team of users to divide the payment methods and also the shipping addresses. The Amazon Business Account also comprises diverse business-oriented features, like business-oriented procuring analytics, exemptions from taxes, approval of workflows, committed customer care support, and lots more.

Some facts about the Amazon Business Account that cannot be overemphasized are that multiple account users can be centrally managed, the institution of an order-approval process, placing a bar on spending limits, organization’s credit card accessible by a few, integration of the organizations’ procurement systems, and keeping of reliable vendors for future use.

Signing up for an Amazon Business Account is highly recommended as it lifts the burden of buying and selling off the organization and enables transactions with reputable vendors in the industry.

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