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Amazon Business Shipping Explained

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Amazon Business is a program designed by Amazon for businesses. This feature can be used by any business size. The Amazon business account has various benefits like analytics report, management tools and excellent shipping services.

We will look at what shipping services under Amazon business entails.

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Amazon business shipping service is amazing and has many delivery packages. It is quite different from the normal Amazon shipping. Below are the shipping services that this account offers to its users.

  • Free same-day and one-day
  • Free two-day shipping
  • Free consolidated shipping
  • Free predictable weekly delivery with Amazon Day

Free Same-Day and One-Day

This service is available in over 10,000 cities on any kind of products listed on Amazon. Free same-day delivery service ensures that deliveries arrive between 6 pm–8 pm for people that fill in their orders in the morning. On the other hand, if you fill in your orders with the free one-day delivery option, you get your items the next day. Amazon business account users can easily see Free same-day items on their Amazon, as such item will display the “Prime FREE Same-Day†symbol. Once your cart is filled with $35 worth of Same-Day products, you can checkout using the FREE Same-Day Delivery as your shipping option and your goods will come to your address.

Note: Make sure the address you fill in is eligible for FREE Same-Day delivery.

Free two-day shipping

Unlike the Free same-day shipping, FREE two-day shipping has no minimum requirement. You can order anything and it will be delivered at your address after two business days. As a user of Amazon business account, you have access to unlimited shopping with the Free two-day shipping option.


Free amazon business shipping

Free consolidated shipping

This service covers millions of items on Amazon. For you to access this option, your order must contain at least 5 eligible items and must be greater than 10 cubic foot (volume) and 100 pounds (weight). If your order is large, you may not receive all your orders in a day. For Amazon business users, orders arrive 4–6 days while Business Prime members get their orders faster.

Free predictable weekly delivery with Amazon Day

This service covers eligible business orders only. This allows customers to choose when they want to get their items by deciding a day of the week they want to receive them. Amazon Day’s service is mainly for Amazon Business Prime subscribers, and eligible items can be ordered up to two days before the preferred day of delivery.

There are also shipping special offers for Amazon Business account users. Offers like:

  • Free delivery on special products: Users get free delivery on products that are heavy or require special handling.
  • Discounts on fast shipping: Prime members pay less to get millions of items through fast shipping.

There are more benefits that you can explore when you open an Amazon Business account with Amazon. If you want to enjoy unlimited discounts on 5,000,000+ items, receive large orders and have control over the buying process, then you should open an Amazon Business account here.

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