Amazon Business Review

Amazon Business Review: How You Can Save More Instantly!

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As you are aware of shopping on Amazon, do you know that there is a related service popularly referred to as Amazon Business? Do you equally know that there are immense benefits like quantity discounts and business pricing that would allow you to save more instantly? If you want these awesome benefits from Amazon Business, you can sign up for free today! In this section, we will elucidate everything about Amazon Business that you need to know and also, how you can get started. I will be giving an unbiased review of Amazon Business!

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Amazon Business Review

An Amazon Business account is an enterprise-focused account on Amazon specifically meant for business use only. It is available for all types of businesses; sole proprietor having just an account, large organizations that have multiple accounts. Amazon Business Account offers too many benefits and features than to be swept aside by organizations. These benefits soothe all organizations that are into sales and purchases of business items, regardless of the size of the organization.

Who Uses Amazon Business?

When you create an Amazon Business account, you would be teaming up with diverse big companies as follows:

  1. 55 percent of the 100 companies from Fortune
  2. Average of 150,000 sellers making sales of $10 billion annually when combined
  3. 50 biggest hospital systems in the US
  4. 40 of the most densely populated local governments.

How to Create Amazon Business Account?

To create an Amazon Business Account for free, the following steps must be followed;

  1. In a new tap, open; the page of Amazon Business Membership.
  2. Click the ‘Create a new account’ button.
  3. Enter your full name, work email, and your preferred password.
  4. Verify your email address by entering the OTP sent
  5. Enter your business information such as your full name, registered business name, business phone number, and so on.

Get Started For Free

How to pay for an Amazon Business Account?

Creating an Amazon Business account is free. However, to benefit from Prime shipping, you will have to subscribe to an Amazon Business Prime membership program. The plans available on this are;

Essential Plan: This plan is the basic plan available in Amazon Business Prime packages. It is available for organizations with at most three (3) users on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $179 per annum.

Small Plan: This plan is available for organizations with at most ten (10) users on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $499 per annum.

Medium Plan: This plan is available for organizations with at most One Hundred (100) users on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $1, 299 per annum.

Enterprise Plan: This plan is for big organizations with about One Hundred (100) users registered and administered on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $10,099 per year.

Public Sector Plan: This plan is reserved exclusively for the US government, The US-owned education institutions, hospitals, and private universities aimed at not making a profit. The maximum number of users allowed on this plan is One Hundred (100) users. The subscription fee costs $3,499 per annum

amazon business review

Features offered by Amazon Business

There are so many features and benefits when it comes to Amazon Business. Here are some of the top 10 you should consider:

1. Unique enterprise experience: There is a unique business experience enjoyed with the Amazon Business Account. It offers a search option and shopping experience that is specific for the buying and selling of business products and services.

2. Managing business accounts: This feature allows the creation of business accounts; either for a single user or for multiple users. Also, it allows the administrative user to invite, add, edit, and delete users; depending on the authorizing level, they belong in the organization. Also, selected users can share the payment methods and input or edit the shipping address.

3. Fast shipping: The Amazon Business Account features free and fast freight on orders above $35 for appropriate business products and services. Also, there is faster freight that comes at a cost on Amazon Prime.

Multiple sellers: There are multiple sellers of the same business product in the Amazon marketplace. This allows for easy comparison of product prices, and the capacity of the sellers. The seller(s) that prove consistently reliable would be saved for future business references.

Business Pricing: Amazon Business allows the pricing of only business products. These products are termed ‘appropriate products’ and other products are not allowed on Amazon Business. Also, discounts are given and received only on business products from reliable sellers.

Order Tracking and Purchasing Approval: Created orders based on what the organization wants are tracked by senior levels. The created order generates workflow to approving personnel; who approve or discard; depending on genuineness. Upon approval of the order, the payment is initiated and approved to enable the purchase of the requested business items. Purchasing approval puts a control limit on the spending of the organization.

Integrate purchasing system: Multiple buyers are allowed to shop for the organization’s business products without leaving the procurement eplatform. This works by bringing into one space the Amazon Punch-Out catalogue and the mechanism of the purchasing system. This integration, therefore, makes the buyer have all-in-one access and makes the purchasing process a lot easier.

Tax Exemption on Amazon: For purchasing organizations with tax exemption status, the Amazon Business allows such organizations to apply for the purchase of some appropriate business products from Amazon, Amazon Services, and every other vendor in the Amazon Marketplace using their tax-exempt status.

Amazon Business Credit Card: The Amazon Business offers the organizations the feature of having a designated business credit card. This is useful for financing the purchases of business products and services. The two options available when using a credit card are revolving credit or full credit.

Full Product Information: The Amazon Business provides a piece of deep information about the business product being offered. The product page is detailed with product descriptions, quality pictures of the product, and the vendor’s videos on how-to-use the products.

Customer Care Support: There is a group of professional customer care agents specifically designated and dedicated to all registered business shoppers on Amazon Business. Should there be any need, this team is readily available.

Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP)

Organizations that qualify for Tax exemptions make exempt transactions from Amazon, Amazon associates, and other independent third-party sellers. Amazon Business offers organizations a self-help wizard that ease enrollment to ATEP.

This self-help wizard will ask a few questions. After answering these questions, in about 5 minutes, the application would be completed. Also, the following pieces of information should be handy to afford ease of registration.

  1. The situation for which exemptions is being requested,
  2. The Entity type of your organization.
  3. The address of the requesting organization.
  4. For states that give a certificate of exemption, the exemption number or form of the organization.

Cons of Owning an Amazon Business

Despite all the immense benefits Amazon Business offers, there are some adverse impacts it has on businesses. Some key ones are:

1. Difficult to operate and requires repetition and persistence: Many trainers and gurus on Amazon Business Training often tell users how easy it is to transact with the online marketplace. Ironically, the presence of many people on the platform does not in any way make it easy to operate. Success on Amazon needs a rigorous repetition of learned processes and persistence.

2. Organization’s Customers on Amazon are Amazon Customers: Customer relationship is vital in the business world. Having and maintaining customer relationships and communicating with them via calls and emails help create a community of trusted hands; that organizations can fall to anytime. Amazon Business takes away this privilege as such a relationship doesn’t occur on it. Amazon has terms of service in place to ensure that customer pieces of information are retained by Amazon and the transacting parties see themselves as mere guests on Amazon.  

3. The unpredictability of the Amazon Platform: Largely, organizations cannot guess what the next steps of Amazon. Hence, the business of organizations selling on Amazon is not always secured. An organization can make huge sales and returns today based on the approved selling prices, and tomorrow, be selling at a much-reduced price because of some random decisions made by Amazon during a strategy meeting. Also, the automation policy on Amazon takes liberty away from organizations. This births many aggrieved sellers on the platform as the Amazon sellers’ forum is full of comments of sellers that have made up their minds to quit Amazon for the perceived ill treatment the eCommerce giant had melted to them. If you want to keep reading, you can check out all the downsides to Amazon Business.

Conclusion – My Amazon Business Review

Since its launch in 2015, Amazon Business has proven to be an excellent and the best marketplace for all businesses of any shape and size. With its guided purchasing process, several organizations build a more direct procurement process that allows them to save more money on the purchase of multiple business items. This and many other benefits make leveraging Amazon for your businesses worth it.

Are you still hesitating about creating an Amazon Business account? Someone just saved some money transacting on it. I would highly recommend it because it can save your business time and money.

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