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Amazon Business Prime: Complete Guide 2021

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As the leading global frontier of the e-commerce business, Amazon offers different membership programs that accommodate the need of the teeming subscribers. If you shop either as an individual or an organization on Amazon, you would need to acquaint yourself with the membership programs and benefits they offer. One of these membership programs is Amazon Business Prime. Note that Amazon Business Prime is different than Amazon Business.

What is Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon Business Prime is a membership program of Amazon designed with compelling procurement procedures for organizations to shop for the essential business items and services they need for the day-to-day running of their business. This membership program allows organizations to reorganize their procurement strategies by granting unlimited access to diverse business items and services with special business costs and discounts on quantity.

With Amazon Business Prime, registered organizations can add multiple uses to one account; enabling all the employees to shop on Amazon at their convenience. Each of the users would have a limit to the extent to which they can shop based on their level within the organization’s chart or the mode of operations of the organization. Currently, Amazon Business Prime provides support subscriptions for organizations in three countries; Japan, Germany, and the US. If you already have an account, click here to access the Amazon Business Prime login.

It's free to sign up for a basic Amazon Business Account. If that's what you are interested in click the button below. If you want to learn about the premium version of Amazon Business, keep reading!

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Benefits of Amazon Business Prime

Organizations that register for Amazon Business and subscribes to Amazon Business Prime enjoy diverse benefits offered by the membership program. These benefits include;

i. Exclusively Discounted Pricing

ii. Analysis of Expenditure Trends

iii. Administration of Account(s)

iv. Pay-Less Express Card

v. Extended Payment Time

vi. Prompt Delivery

There are so many benefits to this program. You can read about 20 benefits of Amazon Business.

Exclusively Discounted Pricing

Subscribers of Amazon Business Prime enjoy special pricing packages and discounted prices. Also, there are Prime Days offers for the day, which comes with massive price reductions. This benefit is enjoyed only by organizations that subscribe to Amazon Business Prime, and not everyone on Amazon.

Analysis of Expenditure Trends

With AWS QuickSight software, organizations can study and analyze the amount spent, the number of business items bought, and the nature of the business items over some time. This helps the organization to track its operating cost and ensure that expenditure is under control. Also, the personnel with the purchasing capacity; knowing fully well that their actions are being tracked, would be careful in ensuring that the orders and purchases made are not to gratify personal gain but are in alignment with organizational objectives.

Administration of Account(s)

Amazon Business Prime allows subscribers to manage their accounts by adding, editing, and deleting users on the account. Also, it affords the subscribers a buying procedure guide which allows them to save vendors on the account and subsequently easily select the recurring business items and services that are often ordered and purchased. This ease of doing business is a huge benefit; standing Amazon Business Prime out of the other membership programs.

Pay-Less Express Card

As a bonus for subscribing to Amazon Business Prime, organizations are given free American Express Card for their transactions on Amazon. The card charges no annual administrative fees. The usage of the card ensures seamless payment for business items and services and also helps track the flow of payment should there be any dispute whatsoever.

With no annual fees charged, the cost of operation of the registered organizations is reduced. Hence, the available funds are channeled to achieving the goal of the firm.

Extended Payment Time

Subscribers have the advantage of extending the time of payment for the business items and services to within 45 and 60 days. These extended terms of payment of the invoice allow for judicious use of funds to accrue more returns.

Prompt Delivery

With Amazon Business Prime, subscribers enjoy prompt, and fast deliveries of the business items and services ordered. Delivery is done the same day or at the most, two days after the order of all appropriate business items is received on Amazon Business Prime. Also, when the organization is making bulk purchases, all the business items ordered together are delivered together to ensure that the processes of the ordering organization are not curtailed to harm the goodwill of the organization.

Cost of Amazon Business Prime

To subscribe to Amazon Business Prime, the organization must first sign up for an Amazon Business Account free of charge. Once the Amazon Business Account has been successfully created, the organization would then have to subscribe to the paid Amazon Business Prime. As an advantage, Amazon Business Prime offers a 30 day trial period for new subscribers to understand the terrain and familiarize themselves with the workings of Amazon Business Prime. At the expiration of the free period, there are many available plan packages that the subscriber can choose from depending on the number of users listed in the account. These packages are;

i. Essential Plan

ii. Small Plan

iii. Medium Plan

iv. Enterprise Plan

v. Public Sector Plan

Essential Plan: This plan is the basic plan available in Amazon Business Prime packages. It is available for organizations with at most three (3) users on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $179 per annum.

Small Plan: This plan is available for organizations with at most ten (10) users on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $499 per annum.

Medium Plan: This is available for organizations with at most One Hundred (100) users on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $1, 299 per annum.

Enterprise Plan: This plan is for big organizations with about One Hundred (100) users registered and administered on Amazon Business Account. The subscription fee costs $10,099 every year.

Public Sector Plan: This plan is reserved exclusively for the US government, The US-owned education institutions, hospitals, and private universities aimed at not making a profit. The maximum number of users allowed on this plan is One Hundred (100) users. The subscription fee costs $3,499 per annum.

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How Amazon Business Prime works

As an annual membership program with specific benefits and features tailormade for businesses such as prompt and unlimited delivery of business items and services, control of organizations expenditure, analytics of organizations operations on Amazon, to mention but a few, it helps the registered organizations free up enough time and resources to allow for a reduction in its cost of running the business.

Amazon Business Prime enhances the knowledge of the organization’s flow of resources on Amazon by giving helpful insights into the organization’s expenditures through the advanced dashboards and analytics features it has. With this, the registered organization has absolute control over its spending; thus, it curbs frivolous and untoward spending by the accredited personnel. This is made possible with the policies on purchasing that is made available to accredited employees to shape their purchasing preferences. Also, as orders are placed for business items and services, they are promptly delivered when and where the organization wants them delivered.

There is an opportunity to edit and change preferences on the Amazon Business Prime membership plan. To do this, these are the steps to follow;

1. Sign in to the Amazon Business Account.

2. Go to Account and select the Amazon Business Prime sign.

3. Select either ‘Manage’ or ‘Cancel’ your Amazon Business Prime membership plan.

The ‘Manage’ your Amazon Business Prime membership plan would enable you to change and edit your account with your preferences.

Some FAQs on Amazon Business Prime

Many people across the globe have one question or the other on their mind when Amazon Business Prime is concerned. In this section, these questions would be answered to clarify the minds of all. Some of these FAQs are;

Question. What business items are appropriate for shipping on Amazon Business Prime?

Answer. There are over a hundred millions of business items and services that are appropriate for shipping on Amazon Business Prime. These diverse business items are labeled with the ‘Prime logo’ on them. However, for business items and services not appropriate for shipping on the Amazon Business Prime, there would be no label of the ‘Prime logo’ on them and the purchasing organization would have to pay the applicable shipping fees for the business items should it be bent on making the purchase.

Question. Aside from the free and prompt shipping, are there other benefits of shipping with Amazon Business Prime?

Answer. Alongside the free and prompt (Two-Day) shipping on millions of appropriate business items, shipping on Amazon Business Prime Shipping grants the accredited personnel within a registered organization access to other benefits as Prime Day deals and Prime Early Access. However, Amazon Business Prime does not offer consumer programs like Prime Fresh, Pantry, Video, and Music.

Question. What can I do if I purchased the Amazon Business Prime Membership plan with personal funds on my Amazon account?

Answer. Assuming you registered your personal Amazon account with the email address used in registering the Amazon Business Account, and subsequently bought the Amazon Business Prime membership plan with personal funds, there will be an option; upon registration of the accounts, of splitting the Prime membership pan and order history to a personal account. This should be leveraged to settle the issue.

Question. If I buy an individual Prime Membership plan with my Amazon Business Prime purchasing card, what should I do?

Answer. There is Amazon Business Prime shopping on all Amazon Business accounts. This covers all the accredited users of the account. Hence, should you purchase an individual Prime Membership plan using your Amazon Business Prime card, you should follow the steps listed below to cancel your Prime Membership plan and either receive a direct refund or a pro-rated amount subject to some deductions; based on both timing and usage, from the original amount paid. The steps are;

1. From your registered Amazon Business account, once you have set up your Amazon Business account, go to “Manage My Prime Membershipâ€

2. Then choose “End membershipâ€

3. Follow the guide that popped up on your screen to terminate the individual Prime Membership. Adequate adherence to the guide on the screen would ensure a seamless termination of the plan without having to contact the service and help of the customer care.

4. A total or pro-rated refund will automatically be calculated and sent to the source that issued the initial payment.

Question. Can the shipping benefits on Amazon Business Prime be enjoyed on the personal Amazon account?

Answer. Shipping benefits on Amazon Business Prime can only be enjoyed on the business account, but not on any personal account. There is no filtration of benefits between the two broad groups of accounts.

Question. What are the simple ways of contacting Amazon Business Customer Care?

Answer. The preferred means of contacting the customer care on the Amazon Business account is by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the Amazon Business account. The customer care representatives can also be contacted over the phone by dialing 888-281-3847. Contacting customer care via the phone would require that you supply some extra pieces of information to authenticate your account over the phone. The customer care on Amazon Business account is best used for issues ranging creation of orders, transactions on Amazon, shipping of business items from Amazon, and other Amazon-related queries.


Amazon Business Prime offers enormous benefits to the community of organizations that register on it. The membership plan does place a cap on the limit of the number of users allowed on Amazon at any given time. So, users are assigned based on a departmental basis to reduce the amount of users in each organization, maximize the available number of users based on the plan package subscribed to, and give the organization a wide coverage; with no section left out.

Also, it allows registered organizations to both simplify their purchasing procedure and further save money. This way, the organizations increase the cash flow available for their use. Also, the registered organizations would increase their revenue by offering business items and services for sale on Amazon.

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