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20 Amazon Business Account Benefits & Features

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Amazon Business Account ensures that businesses registered on it have an easy and enjoyable experience of buying and selling business products and services on the Amazon platform. They can buy/sell either directly from Amazon or other reputable vendors registered on the platform. Signing up to have the Amazon Business Account is free and there is no reason your business should not leverage it.

You can sign up for Amazon Business for free, but if you desire Prime benefits, you would have to create a Business Prime account and be ready to pay an annual fee. Business Prime has a free two-day freight on appropriate items. Some other items are offered a one-day freight. The free Amazon Business Account has many business benefits and features which are attractive and relevant. We have gone through the stress of finding all the benefits and features just for you to understand. Here are the top 20 Amazon Business Account benefits and features:

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Amazon Business Benefits:

1. Integration of purchasing system:

With this benefit, many buyers are allowed to shop for the organization’s business products without leaving the procurement platform. This works by bringing into one space the Amazon Punch-Out catalog and the mechanism of the purchasing system. This integration, therefore, makes the buyer have all-in-one access and makes the purchasing process a lot easier.

2. Request and Receive discounts

The buyers on Amazon Business have the advantage of requesting discounts from the prospective seller(s). Discounts received depends on the number of business products purchased and the price offering of the seller. The discount received would help reduce the operating cost of the business and consequentially, increase the margin on the business product.

3. Management of multiple account users

One of the Amazon Business Account benefits is that it allows for the management of more than one user. For an organization, multiple users can be added and managed to ensure prompt delivery of organizational objectives. To manage the multiple user accounts, a resource must be enlisted as one of the administrators or authorizers to have the right to add, edit, and delete accounts.

4. Institute order and approval workflows

The Amazon Business Account enables the organization to process its orders online and approves the workflow seamlessly. How does this work? A selected level of users in the organization would initiate the order for some business products as needed by the business and have the same approved by a more senior resource. Once the approval is got through the workflow, the requested order is processed and purchased. This makes the activities in the organization seamless and a lot easier; thereby attaining set targets. 

5. Choose Amazon business credit options

Another salient Amazon Business Account benefit is the guaranteed option of a credit option it offers. The registered organization had access to business credit options such as the Amazon Business American Express card with no annual fee charged. With this, the organization can purchase business products faster using a reliable and trusted payment option.

6. Maintain spending limits

That some personnel within the organization have the spending right does not mean they can spend as they like. The Amazon Business Account places a limit to the amount each authorized person can spend according to the cadre such belongs in the organization. This is a huge benefit as it curbs the spending of huge amounts on unnecessary products to the business. Whenever there is a need to spend big, the approving personnel would be one that has the level of authority to make such a call.

7. Access reduction in product prices

Another Amazon Business Account benefit is the opportunity of the purchasing entity to have a reduction in the prices of the business products and services intended for purchase. The negotiation skills of the person buying and the willingness of the seller to sell at a reduced price makes the workings of the business process acceptable on the Amazon platform. Accessing and leveraging the reduced product prices would be of immense benefit to the bottom line of the purchasing entity.

 8. Price comparisons

The purchasing business can compare the varying prices of the same business products from multiple sellers. This price comparison would enable the buyer to buy the business products at a reduced price; as the same business products could be bought from the seller with the lowest price offering. Just as buying at a reduced price is an advantage to the product margin, the organization is at an advantage; as it can buy more with less.

9. Restricted access to the organization’s credit card

Despite having and managing multiple account users in the Amazon Business, there is a limit to who can access the credit card of the organization. This is imperative because of adequate credit control. The organization, therefore, gives credit card access to a few users subject to the position held within the business. 

10. Set some purchases for home deliveries

Some urgent and essential business products can be set to be delivered at the most comfortable location; the doorstep whenever such purchases are made. This benefit allows essential products to always be readily available when needed or requested for purchase.

11. Free Shipping

Another amazing Amazon Business Account benefit is the availability of free supersaver’s shipping on purchases of appropriate business products and services above $35. This free shipping lowers the price of the buyer and allows the funds to be used for more purchases of business products.  Although this is nothing compared to the Amazon Prime free shipping, it is a great benefit for the free Amazon Business Account. 

12. Tax Exemption Benefit

For purchasing organizations with tax exemption status, the Amazon Business allows them to apply for the purchase of some appropriate business products from Amazon, Amazon Services, and every other vendor in the Amazon Marketplace using their tax-exempt status. This reduces the cost incurred by these organizations and makes more funds available for the purchase of more business products. The outcome of this is that the organizations report more profit as the operating cost is lessened. The viability of these organizations boost the financial status of the nation they are domiciled. 

13. Save preferred vendors

Some vendors are reliable; having tested their capacity on diverse occasions. Rather than lose them in the sea of teeming others, the Amazon Business Account offers the chance to retain these vendors by saving them on the platform for further businesses in the offing. Therefore, these vendors can be called upon whenever their business products and services are required by the organization.

14. Enhances the organization’s image

The Amazon Business Account indirectly boosts the brand image of the registered organization and also brings premium value-addition to it. As organizations need to have their reputation and image as their cornerstone, the Amazon Business Account (an intangible asset) offers this benefit. 

15. Global Presence

The Amazon Business Account ensures that the registered organizations are present for business in the 14 overseas sites of Amazon. This global presence helps the organization to launch into more business space and reach more customers and vendors.

16. Assists organizations to contain risks

Organizations; having registered their trademarks and patents have their brands protected; thereby preventing them from the risks of others destroying their built reputation. The Amazon Business Account offers a global representation, and such protection would be a great benefit to the organization from global reputation damage. 

17. Leveraging created traffic

Having existed in the market space for hundreds of years, Amazon has created huge traffic. This is an advantage to the registered organizations as there is a ready large number of people; customers and clients for the business products and services the organization offers. These groups of people are not bound by boundaries; hence, the business of the organization is unleashed to the world.

18. Site linkage

The linkage of the Amazon sites is a great benefit for Amazon Business Account. The sites are linked globally; hence, the products offered on one site are accessible to buyers in different countries. For instance, organizations in Europe only need to create one Amazon Business Account in their country of residence; say France, and their business products and services would be sellable in all the European market.

19. No supply mode of operation

While it is important that we have for stock keeping, and operations of stores in the conventional purchasing and supply business model, organizations would not need to spend a fortune on this as the Amazon Business offers online real-time purchases; reducing the amount needed for storage. This, therefore, reduces the production’s cost, increases profitability, and allows earning in foreign currencies.

20. Spending visibility

The spending of the organizations registered with Amazon Business is trackable, and visible to all the users of the accounts created by the organization. This feature is powered by AWS QuickSight, giving conceptions of company spending, thereby making it a lot easier to analyze spending trends and other related data.

21. Extended terms for Pay by Invoice 

With 30-day payment terms* and on-demand itemized digital invoices, Pay by Invoice gives your business more flexibility and control. 30 days not enough? Extend payment even longer with an eligible Business Prime membership plan.

Your account is assessed for a Pay by Invoice credit line upon approval for an Amazon Business account. If you're the admin and are approved for Pay by Invoice, you'll receive an email to activate the credit line, which remains open for a limited time. The credit line will be closed if you choose not to activate it.


Some features offered by Amazon Business are:

  • Unique enterprise experience: There is a unique business experience enjoyed with the Amazon Business Account. It offers a search option and shopping experience that is specific for the buying and selling of business products and services.
  • Managing business accounts: This feature allows the creation of business accounts; either for a single user or for multiple users. Also, it allows the administrative user to invite, add, edit, and delete users; depending on the authorizing level, they belong in the organization. Also, selected users can share the payment methods and input or edit the shipping address.
  • Fast shipping: The Amazon Business Account features free and fast freight on orders above $35 for appropriate business products and services. Also, there is faster freight that comes at a cost on Amazon Prime.
  • Multiple sellers: There are multiple sellers of the same business product in the Amazon marketplace. This allows for easy comparison of product prices, and the capacity of the sellers. The seller(s) that prove consistently reliable would be saved for future business references.
  • Business Pricing: Amazon Business allows the pricing of only business products. These products are termed ‘appropriate products’ and other products are not allowed on Amazon Business. Also, discounts are given and received only on business products from reliable sellers.
  • Order Tracking and Purchasing Approval: Created orders based on the organization’s needs are tracked by the senior levels. The created order generates workflow to approving personnel; who approve or discard; depending on genuineness. Upon approval of the order, the payment is initiated and approved to enable the purchase of the requested business items. Purchasing approval puts a control limit on the spending of the organization.
  • Integrate purchasing system: Multiple buyers are allowed to shop for the organization’s business products without leaving the procurement platform. This works by bringing into one space the Amazon Punch-Out catalog and the mechanism of the purchasing system. This integration, therefore, makes the buyer have all-in-one access and makes the purchasing process a lot easier.
  • Tax Exemption on Amazon: For purchasing organizations with tax exemption status, the Amazon Business allows such organizations to apply for the purchase of some appropriate business products from Amazon, Amazon Services, and every other vendor in the Amazon Marketplace using their tax-exempt status.
  • Amazon Business Credit Card: The Amazon Business offers the organizations the feature of having a designated business credit card. This is useful for financing the purchases of business products and services. The two options available when using the credit card are revolving credit or full credit.
  • Full Product Information: The Amazon Business provides a piece of deep information about the business product being offered. The product page is detailed with product descriptions, quality pictures of the product, and the vendor’s videos on how-to-use the products.
  • Customer Care Support: There is a selection of professional customer care agents specifically designated and dedicated to all registered business shoppers on Amazon Business. Should there be any need, this team is readily available.


To summarize this article: an Amazon Business Account is known to be a multi-faceted buying and selling platform that assists with all of your organization’s business needs. The Amazon Business Account also comprises diverse business-oriented features, like business-oriented procuring analytics, exemptions from taxes, approval of workflows, full product information, committed customer care support, and lots more.

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