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In just five minutes from now, you will have gained a greater insight into your own self and unlock something that you might have kept locked up within you for years…

Soon, people will start the age-old, annual babble about New Year resolutions, how to make them, how to keep them, how to fight the temptation to break them and what not. All through, everyone knows very well that resolutions are difficult to keep, especially when one makes them ceremoniously. The real resolutions are made and kept…silently. And, that’s how they work best.

In this brief article, however, I am not talking about resolutions but about 5 interesting things that one can do or attempt to do before the year ends. These might sound very simple but they are packed with power and they contain an invisible fuel that will take you into the new year with greater confidence and optimism. So, before you lose interest, let me get straight into the five crackers!

Cracker 1

Try to say ‘Thank You’ to as many people as you can for the small things they do around you in everyday life. Gratitude can take many forms like a smile, a nod of the head, a pat on the shoulder, offering a bite of your candy/burger, a handshake, a kiss! Thank the postman, the office-boy, the watchman, the guy in the lift who moves aside to let you go by, the lady at the bank counter who handed out your cash or received it, the chaps in the office who join you at coffee time to exchange a few words, the wife/husband for the routine tasks at home, the kids for obeying, the doggie for his grateful lick…(you’ve got the hint, I guess)

Cracker II

Try to say ‘Sorry’ for all your failings, however small, to the similar lot, as mentioned above. Apologising has a unique ability to gain goodwill. If you’ve never said Sorry to anyone yet, try doing it now.

Cracker III

If there has been some indulgence that you always wanted to get into, but kept putting it off, fulfill that right away. Food, drink, sexual intimacy with a willing partner, a lavish shopping spree, a visit to the church and a good confession, anything! Just do it! Don’t carry that load with you.

Cracker IV

Lend a helping hand to someone in need whom you know. Kick the temptation to stay aloof and remain insensitive to someone else’s suffering. Do a good turn, from your heart. And, go for a second helping, if you must. But, remember, the left hand must not know what the right does!

Cracker V

Chant your favourite ‘bad words’ (the ones you commonly use to abuse others) to yourself whenever you look at the mirror, whenever you are alone, whenever you have time to kill, so that these words lose their meaning and you have no place for them in your vocabulary. This might appear to be the most difficult but, you know something, try it and you’ll figure out that it would be the easiest task on hand.

You don’t have to experiment with these five crackers if you don’t want to bring in any change in your life in a few weeks time. But, if you do, it’s worth giving a try!

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